Power supply extension cable 5 meter (12V)

5 meter power supply extension cable, black or white.

5 meter power supply extension cable, black or white. 12 volt.

Linking multiple extension cords is strongly discouraged, this may lead to malfunctioning of the cameras.

Connector size: 5.5 x 2,1 mm

Suitable for: NOT suitable for:
FI8620, FI8602W, FI8601W, FI8919W, FI9800P, FI9801W, FI9802W, FI9803P, FI9851P, FI9853EP, FI9804W, FI9805W, FI9805E, FI9828W, FI9828P, FI9928P, FI9900P, FI9900EP, FI9901EP, FI9903P, FI9910W, FI9912EP, FI9912P, FI9961EP, FN3104H, FN3104W, FN3109H, D2EP, E1 (enkel basisstation), G4EP, G4P, D4Z, SD2, SD2X, S41, FN8108H FI8608W, FI8904W, FI8905W, FI8905E, FI8906W, FI8908W, FI8909W, FI8910W, FI8916W, FI8918W, FI9816P, FI9818W, FI9820W, FI9821W, FI9821EP, FI9821P, FI9826W, FI9826P, FI9831W, FI9831P, FI9936P, B1,C1, C1 lite, C2, C2E, C2M, Fosbaby, Fosbaby P1, R2, R2D, R2M, R4, R4M, FN3004H, FN7108HE, F41, FN8108HE
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SKU eupex0512
Brand Eupart