Firmware updates


In this blog we inform you of the firmware and other updates for Foscam products. You will find the latest updates on top.

Firmware-updates are available on our downloadspage. You can find the updates by going to the Foscam model you want to update and by clicking on 'Firmware'.

New firmware for FN8108H, FN8108HE and FN7108W-B4. In this update, version [26-09-2021], Foscam released:

  • Optimized Spanish UI
  • Supports to be added to Foscam VMS via DDNS

For Foscam VMS we released the new version for Windows OS (v 3.4.2, 09-09-2022). This update includes text optimization and bug fixes. You can download this version here

The latest version of Foscam app is 3.8.1 (Android) and 3.8.3 (iOS). Updates for Foscam app will install automatically. This update mainly fixed the bug of NVR recording playback.

For Foscam cameras X3, X4, X5, C2M V6 and D2EP V2 [2.x.2.25, d.d. 08-08-2022] we released new application firmware. The following issues have been addressed:

  • Optimized the speed of scanning QR-code
  • Optimized the SD card recording
  • Improved the stability of remote connection

Also available firmware update for Foscam X3, X4, X5 [, 09-08-2022] and for R4M V.3 [2.x.2.25, 10-08-2022] in which the Pan/Tilt rotation speed is improved.


For Foscam S41 Spotlight F41 Floodlight and for Foscam VD1 video doorbell the following issues have been addressed in new firmware [2.x.2.33, 08-07-2022]:

  • Optimized the color of camera image
  • Improved the system reliability

Foscam released new system firmware for the cameras below. This new firmware enhanced SD card compatibility.

  • R4M, G4P, G4EP: Firmware version
  • SD2, SD2X: Firmware version
  • SD4, D4Z: Firmware version
  • R2M, D2EP, FI9912P, FI9912EP: Firmware version


For Foscam cameras SD2, SD2X & D4Z firmware-update 2.x.2.45 is available [d.d. 25-04-2022]. The following issues have been addressed:

  • Stability improved

Also Foscam 4MP cameras R4M, G4P, G4EP and FI9901EP v.3 [2.x.2.63, 14-02-2022]. The following issues have been addressed:

  • Stability improved

For Foscam cameras 
C2 (v2 and v3), R2 (v1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), FI9900EP (v1, 2, 3 and 4), FI9900P (V1, 2, 3 and 4), FI9901EPFI9961EPR4FI9928P en R2D new application firmware is available [v 2.x.1.81, dated 28-04-2022]. Improved stability of the cloud recordings.

New firmware available for Foscam 2MP cameras R2M, FI9912P, FI9912EP, D2EP and R2D v.2 [2.x.2.72, 30-03-2022]. The new update enhanced the camera security.