Bosma Smarthome, Simply Better

Bosma Smarthome offers comfort and ease in and around your home. Bosma operates all over the world and is now also available at Euport. The products are designed for your lifestyle, your family and your space. With easy-to-use software, superior product quality and excellent design, Bosma strives to make your life simply better.


Bosma means:

  • Simple and affordable
  • High quality, long-lasting products
  • Excellent user experience
  • Connection with users and communities
  • Dare to be different


Bosma combines

The Bosma range contains cameras, a doorbell, a PIR Motion sensor, accessories, but also security kits. For example: a camera with built-in gateway that connects with 2 door or window sensors; or a camera combined with a sensor and a Smart Button. In short, complete security kits.

The cameras feature the most important basics such as motion and sound detection, night vision, two-way audio, wide field of view (FOV is product dependent), built-in speakers for alarm siren and (some models) with award winning design.


bosma reddot


You can operate Bosma products and view images in the Bosma Mobile app, available for iOS and Android.


Which products?

Below you will find all Bosma products/models available: