Bosma S-DB Smart Button


Bosma S-DB smart button, more than a doorbell

Serving as a simple, traditional doorbell, the Bosma Smart Button notifies the connected Bosma X1 home security camera to play an optional chime and send a push notification to your mobile device. For inside use, it doubles as an emergency button for those who need immediate help. When safety matters, upgrade your home notification system with a Bosma Smart Button.

  • Doorbell with RF protocol
  • The Bosma Smart Button is a doorbell that alerts you no matter where you are, directly to your mobile device
  • Works with Bosma X1 and XC-G indoor security camera
  • 3V Lithium battery
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with any iOS or Android device

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Bosma Smart Button

More Information
Brand Bosma
EANcode 6974367941341
Bosma Smart Button
Size and color Dimension (mm) 80.1x40.1x11
Color White
Power and connectivity Battery 3V Lithium Battery, CR2032
Battery life At least 2 years @20x p/d
Connectivity 200 meters from gateway (XC-G, X1), open area
Installation Mounting Mounts to door or any place need a button
Operation Single click / double click
Operating conditions -10 ~ 50┬░ C
Setup requirements Bosma XC Connect, Bosma X1
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Works with Bosma XC When someone presses the button, the camera will play 'dingdong' as a door chime. And it will rotate to the direction of the button and record the video. Also notifications will be pushed instantly to your smart phone.